Although rain is due (and we had a little today, but just a little), the water authority is said to be considering some form of rationing.

The lack of rain has no doubt affected the wildfire which has destroyed 5 hectares of La Amistad International Park, a protected area. However, the latest news is that the fire is under control.

Another thing the lack of rain might affect is new cases of malaria and dengue, which are spread by mosquitoes and which usually thrive in the early rainy season. Nevertheless, to date, 4,038 cases of malaria have been recorded, as well as 1,511 cases of dengue.

In other news, electronic versions of the national lottery are to start in July. Lottery sellers (typically ladies of a certain age) can be found with tables outside many malls, bus stations etc. The new system will use hand-held devices rather like those used for taking debit card payments in shops.

I managed to escape the Eurovision party organised by the British Embassy, leaving my wife to hold the fort. What I would miss is Graham Norton’s commentary.

13 MAY 2023