Seemingly a bit touchy, the Government of Nicaragua is reported to be considering “a suspension of diplomatic relations” with the Vatican after Pope Francis described Daniel Ortega’s regime as a “rude dictatorship”.

Two surprises today. Firstly, at the Cuidad del Saber (City of Knowledge), the former US Army headquarters near the Miraflores Locks, we found a cricket match underway! One couldn’t help noticing all of the watching crowd appeared to be of Indian or Pakistani origin and, speaking to a couple of lovely guys, it seems so were the players…

The second surprise was when on the guys knew what the Isle of Man was and where it was – as he had “seen it on the telivision”.

12 MARCH 2023


Large drugs seizures, of drugs bound for Europe, continue, with Panamanian officials having seized more than a thousand packages of alleged drugs after a search carried out at a port located in the Balboa area.

Meanwhile, it is also reported that criminal gangs, including the Gulf cartel from Colombia, are showing interest in illegal gold mining in the Darién Province. It is already common on the Colombian side of the border. Another good reason for not wandering around the Darién…alongside the Colombian guerillas, drugs gangs, migrant smugglers, big cats, snakes, poisonous insects, malaria, yellow fever and even tree with poisonous spikes…

As a reminder that Covid-19 remains a real thing (as if such a thing were needed, after seeing the effect of the Carnivale here in Panama in the latest statistics), the President of Ecuador has tesetd positive, as he was recovering from a fractured fibula. Not been a good year for him so far, as just a few days ago, the National Assembly approved a report that recommended his impeachment , prepared by a commission that investigated the alleged network of corruption in public companies and in which one of the main people implicated is his brother-in-law.

11 MARCH 2023