It may be the middle of the so-called “dry season” here in Panama, but today has seen torrential rain, so noisy I could hardly hear the radio programme I was listening to – in headphones!

The final total for 2022, shows law enforcement and security forces here seized 128 tons of drugs during the year; and 247,810 migrants crossed the dari̩en Gap (which puts into perspective the UK Government concerns over 45,000 crossing the Channel into the very much larger UK Рon the other hand, most of the migrants entering Panama have little intention of staying here).

Finally, an odd story from the small town of Chitré, where health department officials were checking water tankers used in the New Year celebrations – spraying the crowds with water…the same thing happens at the Carnival in Panama City…at least the water is warm.

Note that the following summary is in pdf format. This is entirely to fave me time and work, and I hope it causes no inconvenience.

Oh, and Happy New Year!

1 JANUARY 2023