On 12 March, Amazon AWS reported on the Icarus Flights software application developed by NGO C4ADS.  It is designed for rapid analysis of large, diverse streams of information about air transportation networks, because air transportation is the fastest way to conduct illicit trade internationally. It analyses flightpaths, provides queries and alerts of new flights or aircraft matches, and lets users search current and historical airframe registration data aggregated from public sources.  The application delivers information about suspicious activity to expert analysts, who can then provide law enforcement with accurate, precise, timely, and actionable information about possible criminal activity.  It processes about 2 billion aircraft position pings (and increasing) per month.  C4ADS is making the beta version of Icarus Flights available to investigative journalists and NGO, and sends out free ADS-B receivers globally to improve aircraft coverage.  One can register interest in access to Icarus Flights or apply to host a free receiver, at its website.

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