The Malta Independent on 17th September reported that a UN Panel of Experts on Libya had presented a letter and a report addressed to UN Security Council detailing illegal activities off the coast of Malta.  The Panel documented 6 attempts by the eastern National Oil Corporation in Benghazi to illicitly export crude oil, by both land and sea.  It The explains how vessels involved in fuel smuggling sail south from Malta to the Gulf of Gabes, off the shores of Tunisia.  The vessels then go off radar approximately 40 to 60 nautical miles off the Tunisian coast by, usually, turning off their AIS.  After loading, they usually return to Malta or discharge the fuel at sea onto other vessels that carry it to its final destination.  he Noor is one of the tankers used as an example.  Activities came to a temporary halt in 2017 after arrests in Italy, but resumed in 2018.