Insight Crime on 7th September published an article detailing how the US and Central American crime gang launder its illicit proceeds –

  • stealing and reselling used cars has been one of the primary ways in which the MS13 launders money;
  • investing in property continues to be one of the preferred money laundering methods for criminal groups throughout the region;
  • many small businesses that had for years been extorted by the gangs were also being used to launder the gang’s money;
  • loan sharking – lending money to individuals at very high interest rates, also known as “gota a gota” (drop by drop) — allegedly in co-ordination with Colombian organised crime groups; and
  • through the official financial system, either by making small deposits into bank accounts, asking victims to make electronic transfers or through other financial intermediaries like Western Union.


Author: raytodd2017

Chartered Legal Executive and former senior manager with Isle of Man Customs and Excise, where I was (amongst other things) Sanctions Officer (for UN/EU sanctions), Export Licensing Officer and Manager of the Legal-Library & Collectorate Support Section

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