The Malta Independent reports that during an interview in The Times with a former Financial Intelligence Analysis Unit official, Jonathan Ferris, and it also reports that Pilatus Bank whistleblower Maria Efimova fears for her life, should she return to Malta.  In the interview, Ferris, who had been sacked from the FIAU after the last election, tells the newspaper that the government is trying to stop him from publishing more details linking it to Azerbaijan’s ruling family.

On 26th November, Malta Today reported that the former investigator said he left shortly after an incident in which a minister demanded information on a police investigation.  He had already said he would produce documents alleging millions of euros were processed by the private bank Pilatus Bank for powerful Azerbaijanis.

Partners or Adversaries? Managing US-China Relations in the Era of Trump

Fascinating talk at the LSE on 16th November by Michael Mastanduno, Nelson A Rockefeller Professor of Government, Dartmouth College and the inaugural Susan Strange Professor of International Relations at LSE.  Considers the post-Cold War US-China “grand bargain” in economics and security is now unravelling, and faces new uncertainty in the era of Trump.  Including what could go wrong in the relationship, and produce conflict in the near future, or the next 10 or 25 years…